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The beauty of garden trellises

Garden Trellises

Whether your garden is set back from your house, or is a focal point of your landscape design, we can provide framework structures to set it apart. Garden trellises and garden arches allow certain plants to be showcased, and the structures themselves often prove to be very artistic. They enhance a garden, or highlight the presence of topiary frames. They can also serve to section off smaller areas of your larger garden, to mark off plots which are linked thematically or according to type of flower or vegetable. When you see your trellis rising into the air, you'll be reminded of the wondrous scents rising from the beautiful aromas of your garden, and you won't be able to stay away from the beauty housed within!

Selecting relevant topiary frames

Topiary FramesSome of our customers desire to enhance their gardens with ornamental accessories made from plant material. In these cases, we highly recommend that they consider topiary frames. We offer a wide array of designs and shapes, so that we can customize whatever shape or object you might like to purchase for your frame. These items often work well with garden trellises and wall trellises, which can serve to highlight the unique creations and quality craftsmanship provided by our artists. In addition, these items could even be used as an aesthetically pleasing scarecrow, to chase away those unwanted pests that tend to populate gardens all too frequently. You could design a fountain or other ornamental structure around the figure established by your topiary frames. Who knows? Perhaps one day your topiary garden will be a great attraction like the famous Green Animals topiary garden.

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